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How to fix CHKDSK error 'file record segment is unreadable'

When CHKDSK is run either by command prompt or at startup, you may see a list of messages that indicates file record segment is unreadable. This article will draw your attention to the reasons & solutions for this Check Disk error in Windows OS.

What File Record Segments are?

In NTFS, each and every file & directory on an NTFS partition is uniquely identified by a distinct File record segment (FRS) in the Master File Table (MFT). Besides, to keep record of what FRSs are in use, NTFS maintain bitmap on the disk.

Why CHKDSK reports file record segment is unreadable

When Check Disk is run, it analyze each File record segment that resides in volume's master file table (MFT) for internal consistency. CHKDSK reports file record segment is unreadable if the hard disk contains bad sectors. Furthermore, the error certainly indicates hard disk is failing due to corruption in the disk either physically or logically. When CHKDSK is unable to read the FRS then it display the following error:

CHKDSK file record segment is unreadable

How to overcome this Check Disk error

If the hard disk is corrupt to a certain extent then all you have to do is take a backup of your data as soon as possible before performing any recovery process. However if the disk is extremely damaged that it cannot allow you to store the backup then be prepared because all the data is going to be lost. Nevertheless, let's face this issue head-on and try to solve it using Check Disk Run the following command -

CHKDSK drive: /R

This above command will locate bad sectors & recover readable information. But if it doesn't work and you keep getting the error file record segment is unreadable then the more you use a hard disk, the more likely you will make the disk worse. In such cases, you are left with the only option which is formatting the disk that will definitely cause data loss. Nonetheless, there is a solution available to repair the data, get CHKDSK file recovery software that restore data from formatted partition, corrupted hard drive, or accidentally deleted data in Windows XP, 7, 8 & external/internal drive.