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How to Recover CHKDSK Deleted Files From Windows OS

After running CHKDSK you may have found that some of your files have been deleted & the first question strike your mind is how to recover CHKDSK deleted files because you can't find them on your computer. You must be wondering that when CHKDSK is built for repairing disk related errors then why are your files being deleted. You are not alone facing this issue, most of the time every single person encounters this problem. Perhaps it is difficult to recover missing files after CHKDSK as they must not be in recycle bin but CHKDSK file recovery can be done in the simplest way.

An Overview of CHKDSK Utility

The very first thing to be introduced here is what exactly CHKDSK is & why Windows OS users need to run this utility. CHKDSK is a command that executes in command line to run Check Disk utility, as the name suggests the primary purpose of the Check Disk is checking the disk. Furthermore, it is an inbuilt system utility provided by Microsoft for its Windows Operating system including DOS to check file system integrity & hard disk for bad sectors. The CHKDSK also recovers both logical and physical errors of file system & hard disk.

chkdsk file recovery software

Why are your files being deleted by CHKDSK?

Despite having so many features, CHKDSK can cause you to lose data by deleting your important files. Here are some reasons why some of the files can be deleted by CHKDSK:

If there is a malware infection on your system like computer virus, spyware, worms, Trojan horses then all these malicious software leads to the corruption in your computer's files & make these files inaccessible. These infected files cannot be recovered by CHKDSK inbuilt utility so if the tool finds such type of suspected, infected or corrupted files it deletes them in no time.

Moreover, CHKDSK can delete all those files which holds invalid filename in directory, corrupted attribute record & corrupt index entry. In all these situation you need windows CHKDSK recovery in order to get back all lost files.

An Effective Way to Recover CHKDSK Deleted Files

The job of CHKDSK is to ensure that all information in files are in consistent state, it doesn't recover deleted or missing files. Since many files can be deleted by CHKDSK, if you want to recover CHKDSK deleted files then you must have a backup. In case CHKDSK is run & you forgot backing up the data then it is more likely that your valuable data can be lost. To recover lost or missing files after CHKDSK, you can Go for Windows Complete File Recovery Software that helps in CHKDSK deleted file recovery to recover lost or missing files in an instant.