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Why CHKDSK is deleting invalid filenames from Windows OS

CHKDSK must be run at regular intervals so as to have a better working of computers. But sometimes Check Disk starts deleting your PC's files that mostly include invalid filenames and gives a message "Deleted invalid filename" when you run CHKDSK. This post will describe what invalid filenames are, how they are created & why Check Disk attempts to delete them.

Some filenames are not supported by Windows

Windows OS reserve characters more than any other operating system for creating a filename. Due to this, if your computer files contain characters that are forbidden by Windows OS then they will be considered as invalid filenames. Although operating system itself won't allow you to create a filename containing forbidden characters, yet you can see these type of files in a directory since they can be created automatically by the system. Here are the characters given below that are considered as invalid for filenames:

Furthermore, Windows OS doesn't differentiate between upper case & lower case so you can't have two files having the same name in a directory.

Why CHKDSK attempts to delete invalid filenames?

As discussed above OS doesn't allow you to create a filename with invalid characters, if anyhow they are created then CHKDSK attempts to delete them as soon as it runs. Moreover, while scanning a hard disk, if CHKDSK come across a file containing invalid filename in directory then it displays a message as shown below in both command line and GUI of Check Disk.

chkdsk deleted invalid filename

chkdsk deleted invalid filename

Regain lost data if files have been deleted by CHKDSK

The event of deleting invalid filenames by CHKDSK can get you in trouble of data loss as Check disk can delete your important files. If you are among those who is facing this issue frequently & CHKDSK have been deleting your files then you must require CHKDSK files recovery utility that will make it easier for you to retrieve your lost files.