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CHKDSK Deleted Corrupt Attribute Record, for What Reason?

While running Check Disk utility, in many instances you may encounter with a message 'CHKDSK is deleting corrupt attribute record from file record segment'. You may puzzle over why CHKDSK is deleting attribute record or files when CHKDSK is meant for repairing file system. Besides, another question strike your mind would be what is attribute record. The answer to your query is here, in this post I'll elaborate the reasons why attribute list entry get deleted by Check Disk.

Outline of Attribute records

In a file system, a file consists of different file attributes that provides information about the file & how it is going to be used. Basically NTFS file system identifies each file as a set of attributes. File attributes include file's name, file's data, security details etc. All file attributes are stored in MFT file record. However, if file is too large to get in MFT record then additional MFT records are created.

Why CHKDSK deletes attribute record from file record segment?

In NTFS file system, every time a unique instance tag value is generated when its associate attribute is being created. When files are added, deleted, or accessed over and over again then a directory become corrupt. Furthermore, if files are constantly either accessed, created, recreated or deleted in a directory then same instance tag value attributes can be produced. CHKDSK consider these attribute records having same instance tag value as corrupted. Thus, CHKDSK deletes corrupt attribute record from file record segment. After running Check Disk the most common message appears is 'CHKDSK deleted corrupt attribute list entry with type code 128' as shown below:


Restore corrupt attribute record in Windows

In all Windows version i.e. Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista etc. this problem can be solved by using CHKDSK command CHKDSK /F, this parameter will recover corrupted files in a directory. However, you can get into the same trouble again & lost your files so I'll not recommend you to execute CHKDSK once more. In such condition you need a tool that recover CHKDSK deleted files as quickly as possible.