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Aftereffect of 'CHKDSK Correcting Errors in the Uppercase File'

A CHKDSK error message 'Correcting Errors in the Uppercase File' is mostly encountered when Check Disk utility is executed in various Windows OS having NTFS file system. This post will focus on the main reasons, consequences and possible solutions of this error message.

What is Uppercase file ($UpCase)

In NTFS, an uppercase file with the name $UpCase is used to compare & sort filenames. This system file is a list of all Unicode characters in upper case. The size of the file is 128 KB that contains Unicode uppercase translation table.

When this error message occur

If you are running CHKDSK to repair disk errors in Windows XP & Windows server 2003 then it is more likely to get this error. Besides, the error can also occur at startup while upgrading Windows OS from one version to another.

Reasons of error message "CHKDSK correcting errors in the Uppercase file"

The uppercase file is one of the most important system file that resides in Master File table (MFT) of NTFS. The main cause of the error is either the file has got corrupted or the file system is unable to convert uppercase & lowercase characters to the matching uppercase Unicode characters.

How the error can affect your system

There can be many consequences if the error is simply being ignored, some of them are given below:

This error message 'correcting errors in the uppercase file' is commonly seen when you run CHKDSK in Windows XP and Windows server 2003. As we all know Microsoft has stopped providing support for both of the operating system that means Windows XP & server 2003 can easily be attacked by malware that result in data loss.

Uppercase file error is also encountered in Windows 7, 8. If users try to resolve the issue by running Check Disk tool in command line using /F switch then it is possible that the CHKDSK can delete important files as Check Disk has limitations also. Then again the same data loss situation occur.

The CHKDSK error detected in the uppercase file can be considered as a warning message. If this error appears every time you run Check Disk utility or every time you boot the system then it is probable that your computer needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If it is not repaired on time then data can be lost.

Resolve the Uppercase file error

As mentioned above errors detected in the uppercase file can cause you to lose your important data. Regardless of so many consequences, the result of the error i.e. data loss can be recovered by using a software named CHKDSK file recovery that can help you to overcome all the data loss caused by various Check Disk errors.