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Windows Millennium Edition (ME) – Features & Issues

Windows Me Overview

Windows millennium Edition operating system was launched in September 2000 and it was the last operating system in Windows 9x series. Windows ME was released as a replacement for Windows 98 with some improved features of Windows 2000. Windows ME was introduced for the home users especially whereas Windows 2000 was released for business users.

windows me overview

Windows Millennium Edition Features

  • User Interface: Windows ME have some selected features of Windows 2000 one of them is Shell with some improved features such as personalized menus, customizable Windows Explorer toolbar, auto complete feature in Windows explorer address bar and Run box. Taskbar and start menu options enables the features to allow or disallow of drag and drop feature.
  • New System Restore Option: Windows ME introduced the ‘System Restore’ option to troubleshoot and repair the problems. It was also used as the recovery option. With this tool users can undo the recent changes which are troubling.
  • With an Improved Accessibility Feature: Mouse control panel introduced with the feature named as IntelliPoint. It enables the cursor hide while typing and showing it on pressing Ctrl.
  • Auto Updates: This feature enables to download and install critical updates automatically from the windows update. Users had choice to download the update which they want to download.
  • System File Protection: This feature protects operating system files with no user input. It is totally different from System Restore option.
  • Windows Movie Maker: Windows ME introduced a new feature in digital media i.e. Movie maker that enable users to capture video and edit media content.

Issues Faced by Windows ME Users

As we know that Microsoft is not supporting to Windows ME that means users are not receiving any security update from Microsoft. The lack of security update generates many problems such as virus infection, malware attack which can affect to files and folders or sometimes hard disk also. Theses Windows Millenium issues make the data inaccessible or delete them permanently. In this situation user should have an antivirus to protect their files or data but sometimes antivirus also delete those files with virus which are inaccessible or affected with virus. Users can recover their data from the backup, but if there is no backup then you can go for Windows ME File Recovery Software to recover all types of files and folders.