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New Features of Windows Home Server 2011 – An Overview

Microsoft Introduced the Home Server (codenamed 'Vail') for small business or home with multiple connected PCs. We are going to discuss about the introduction of Windows home Server 2011 and its best features.

WHS 2011 introduction

Microsoft release the Windows Home Server 2011 as the last release of Windows Home Server series. It introduced without Drive Extender. WHS 2011 was a 64-bit operating system. Home Server offers to the users protected file storage, automated PC backup, remote access and many more.

New Features of Windows Home Server 2011

Automatic PCs Backups

Windows Home Server 2011 provides a facility called centralized backup of up to 10 connected PCs over the network. User can also define an automatic backup.

Silverlight based Remote Access

This feature enable to the users to access their media from anywhere via internet. Using remote Access users can download and upload to the shared folders or files.

Advance Digital Media Connectivity

Drive Extender was the core feature of Windows Home Server. Drive extender feature provides to merge two or more volume into one as large storage volume.

Drive Extender Removed

Windows Server 2016 will come with lots of new features related to networking such as Network Controller to configure, manage, monitor etc. and Windows Server Gateway which supports Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels.

Common Problems with Windows Home Server 2011

Microsoft announced on 23 November 2010, to remove the Drive Extender from WHS 2011. After this update users are facing many problems related with their data. Once the data has been lost they can't get back their data, in this condition user needs Windows home Server 2011 File Recovery Software to get back all deleted, lost and corrupted data.