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Windows 98 – An Overview, Features, Problems & Solutions

Windows 98 was released by Microsoft on 25 June, 1998 with some graphical operating system updates. It was the second major release in Windows 9x series. Windows 98 was the mixed 16bit/32bit operating system. We will discuss here about the Windows 98 overview, its features and issues with windows 98 with solution.

Overview of Windows 98

Windows 98 was released with internet standard comprehensively which helps to connect the desktop with internet technology. This incredible feature help users to find and browse the information fast on computer or internet. Windows 98 was much faster and stable than its precursors. With its self-maintenance and updating function users can concentrate on their work instead of system management.

Overview of Windows 98

Features of Windows 98 Operating System

Windows 98 has many features such as supports FAT file system, multi-display, Web-TV and the Internet Explorer integrated to Windows GUI. Some features are describe below:

Internet based Operating system: Microsoft introduced many internet based programs such as Internet Explorer 4.01, Outlook Express and Windows address book to work fast.

Improved Hardware Support: Windows 98 introduced with improved hardware support and it is perfectly integrated with operating system. This makes it smother and easier to install.

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus)
  • AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)
  • Firewire
  • DVD (Digital Versatile Disk)

System File Checker: Windows 98 introduced with a tool named system file checker which scan and repair corrupt or missing files.

FAT 32 File system: Windows 98 supports FAT 32 File system, which was previously supported by Windows 95 OSR2. FAT 32 File system helps to upgrade the disk storage efficiency as well as up to 2TB.

Problems with Windows 98

Windows 98 users always suffers from some common issues such as startup problems, unexpected shutdowns, boot several times and many more. Microsoft is also stopped giving support to windows 98. Due to this security issue users are facing malware attacks and virus infection in their systems. These issues make the files or folders inaccessible or corrupted or sometimes permanently deleted. Users need to recover all data from the backup but in case there is no backup then user should go for Windows 98 File Recovery Software. This tool can recover or repair all files and folders on your system.