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An Introduction of Windows 8 & its Outstanding Features

Microsoft released Windows 8 with a lots of new features and with a very unique start screen. Windows 8 had upgraded security features, SkyDrive to store files online, Internet Explorer 10 and many more. Here we will be discussing about the best features of windows 8 operating system.

All New Interactive Start Screen

Windows 8 Features and Benefits

Microsoft had its major change in the GUI of Windows 8. The home screen of Windows 8 is totally different from its precursors and replaced the start button with live tiles. Each tile represents a program installed on your computer.

Ability to Run ISOs & VHDs Natively

Windows 8 Features and Benefits

Windows 8 provides the ability to run the setup of ISO or Virtual hard disk image file directly without having to burn the image on any external disc. Just double click on the file and it will be mounted so easily. Users can also view add and modify files from Virtual hard disks.

Built-In Antivirus

Windows 8 Features and Benefits

Windows 8 is the first version of Windows operating systems which include built-in antivirus to protect files. Windows Defender introduced in Windows 8 as the replacement of Microsoft security essentials (MSE). Windows 8 users do not have to pay extra for security suites.

Fastest Boot Time Ever

Windows 8 Features and Benefits

Windows 8 boot time is up to 70% faster than any other Window's operating system according to Microsoft. Whenever user shutdown their PC it closes two sessions a User session and a Kernel Session. Besides it, In Windows 8 uses hybrid boot where it reads only the Kernel session on startup and start the new user session. This process makes it faster than any other windows operating system.

Windows 8 Issues and Solutions:

Windows 8 came with lots of added new features and a different GUI. Windows 8 may not be everyone's cup of tea because of its Metro style. Windows 8 users may face some problems such as malware injection, inaccessible drives, system hangs, sudden power failure etc. These issues leads to the disk failure problem which creates data loss problem. If data gets loss, permanently deleted, or corrupted by these issues then you need a Windows 8 File Recovery Software to recover and repair all issues.