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Windows 7 Fundamentals with Best Features

Microsoft released Windows 7 October 22, 2009 with codenamed Vienna, formerly Blackcomb. It is a part of Windows NT family. Let's have a look on the major features of Windows 7. We are going to discuss here about basics of Windows 7, features, and issues.

Windows 7 Overview

windows 7 features and benefits

Windows 7 was considered as a major improvement over its predecessors due to its increased performance. Windows 7 came up with improved Aero feature redesigned task bar and much more.

Versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 is available in six different editions for users.

  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Features and Benefits

Introduces New Task bar: In old Task bar the quick launch tool bar is replaced with the ability to pin the applications with taskbar.

windows 7 features and benefits

Supports Windows XP Mode: Most of the applications run on Windows 7 but some applications which runs on Windows XP are not compatible with it. To overcome this problem Windows 7 introduces the feature of Windows XP as Windows Virtual PC.

windows 7 features and benefits

Multiple Instances of Same Program: This feature enables to open more than one instances of the same program in just one click. Simply hold the Shift key while the left clicking on the first instance of the program.

Issues with Windows 7

Without any doubt Windows 7 has a lots of improved features, yet Windows 7 users face problems such as disk corruption, permanent data loss due to virus infection, disk formatting, or sudden power failure. If someone loss their data due to such problems user need to recover all of them from their backup but in case if there is no backup then user need a Windows 7 File Recovery Software.