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Windows Server 2003- An Overview with Features & Benefits

Windows Server 2003 was released by Microsoft as server based operating system on April 14, 2003. It was the successor of Windows 2000 Server. Windows server 2003 R2 was the upgraded version of Server 2003 with some new security updates and it includes compatibility for the older applications which can perform better with more stability. Windows Server 2003 also come with enhanced Active directory. Here we are going to discuss about the overview of Windows Server 2003 & its end of life, its features with benefits and some common issues with solution.

Basics of Windows Server 2012

Various Editions of Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 was introduced with different editions for supporting different businesses. All versions have the ability to share the files and printers, provides email services etc. Different versions of Windows Server 2003 are given below:

Web Edition

Windows Server 2003 Web edition was introduced for hosting web applications, web pages and XML web services. This web versions supports up to two physical processors and, maximum 2 GB of RAM.

Standard Edition

Windows Server 2003 standard edition was introduced for small and medium sized businesses. It supports file sharing, also provides secure internet connectivity. This version of windows server 2003 supports up to 4 physical processors with 4 GB RAM.

Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition was launched to work with the medium sized or large sized businesses with full functions. It supports up to 8 physical processors and 64 GB of RAM. Enterprise edition provide the facility which supports 8-node clustering which save a copy of services and applications so that when one server fails then data can be access from other servers.

Datacenter Edition

Windows server 2003 datacenter edition was introduced for the high security and reliability. It supports 64 physical processors and up to maximum 64 GB of ram for x64 architecture.

Common Issues after Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Microsoft has ended to provide any more support to Windows Server 2003 on 14 July 2015. All versions of windows server 2003 are not getting any security update after this modification. However, many users over worldwide are still using Windows server 2003 Operating system but they are facing problems like virus attack, malware attack these issues generates the problems like hard drive corruption, deletion of data, windows crash etc. Due to these issues you will face data loss problem. To restore the data use your backup but if there is no backup then you need to try Windows Server 2003 File Recovery Software, to retrieve all deleted, corrupted and lost data.